Use prismatic with after_scale() for finer control of colors in ggplot2

Finally a working solution to include emojis in your ggplot2!!!

Deploy your bookdown project to Netlify with Github Actions

Seamlessly Deploy your bookdown project to Netlify with Github Actions.

Real Emojis in ggplot2

Finally a working solution to include emojis in your ggplot2!!!

Paletteer version 1.0.0

paletteer v1.0.0 release post! Many updates!

Refactoring Tests

Refactor your tests for more modular tests anf speedy new development

Manipulating colors with {prismatic}

The most colorful post ever! see how you can easily transform colors using {prismatic}

Authorship classification with tidymodels and textrecipes

Author classification with tidymodels, textrecipes and furrr

Creating RStudio addin to modify selection

Simple minimal example of how to create an addin to modify text in selection.

Changing Glyph in legend in ggplot2

Being able to change the glyphs in the legend of ggplot2 are a wonderful addition in version 3.2.0, This post goes over the different build in glyphs and how to create your own.

Custom Profiler in R

Writing your own little profiler for special needs.

Center continuous palettes in ggplot2

Quick post explaning how to center a continuous color palette around zero in ggplot2.

Circle Love - making hearts with circles

Making plenty of beautiful hearts with ggplot2, sf and love

Text Classification with Tidymodels

In this post we will use tidymodels to perform text classification only using the power of stop words.

usethis workflow for package development

usethis workflow for package development.

What are the reviews telling us?

Can we see if any words are used more or less in positive and negative movie reviews.

ggplot2 trial and error - US trade data

This blogpost will showcase an example of a workflow and its associated thought process when iterating though visualization styles working with `ggplot2`.

Emoji use on Twitter

Short and quick analysis of emoji use on Twitter.

Using PCA for word embedding in R

Trying to speed up text classification using PCA.

Analysing ethnic diversity in Californian school

I will In this post explore the ethnic diversity of the student population in schools in California.

ggpage version 0.2.0 showcase

In this post I will highlight a couple of the new features in the new update of ggpage.

Binary text classification with Tidytext and caret

I forgot to add a description, please ping me to fix it.

Recreate - Sankey flow chart

I'll do my best to recreate the famous NYTimes Sankey flow chart.

Tidy Text Summarization using TextRank

We will do sime simple Text summarization using the textrank package.

Co Occurrence of Characters in Les Miserable

I haven't read Les Misérables, what information can I extract from the text?

Rvision: A first look

Recently I stumbled across the `Rvision` package, which frankly looks amazing so far (still in development as this time of writing). So I decided to take it for a spin and show you girls/guys what I found.

Predicting authorship in The Federalist Papers with tidytext

In this post we will; talk about The Federalist Papers, access and tidy the text using the tidytext package, and apply our model to the data to predict the author of the disputed papers.

Visualizing trigrams with the Tidyverse

Walkthrough of how to vizualize trigrams.

Purrr - tips and tricks

If you like me started by only using `map()` and its cousins (`map_df`, `map_dbl`, etc) you are missing out a lot of what `purrr` have to offer!.

Recreate - Sunshine Report

Start of a new series, maybe it will last, the sun will rise again.

Analysing useR!2017 schedule data

Are we seeing the same thing? Which talks were attended using useR!2017

Repetition in musicals with tidytext

Working to see if we are able to quentify the amount of repetition there is in the lyrics of a selection of musicals.

2017 World Press Freedom Index with emojis

Experimenting with the new emo package