About Me

Hello, my name is Emil Hvitfeldt. I’m a Research Programmer at University of Southern California. I love to develop and make things in R. Working on natural language processing, visualization styles, modeling techniques and general workflow problems. M.S. in Statistics from University of Copenhagen.


  • paletteer: Collection of most color palettes in a single R package

  • ggpage: Creates Page Layout Visualizations in R

  • hcandersenr An R Package for H.C. Andersens fairy tales

  • quickpalette: R package for quick extraction of color palettes from text and images

Contact Me

Email: emilhhvitfeldt@gmail.com
Github: EmilHvitfeldt
Twitter: Emil_Hvitfeldt


Google docs



Text Analysis in R - Special Christmas Edition
December Github slides

Best Practices in R
October Github slides

Similarity measure in the space of color palettes
September Github pdf